Item of the week 10/03/2016

Paint splash jeans spotted in Evans Marble Arch in London, but not yet available online….

£78- Melissa McCarthy at Evans


6 Comments on “Item of the week 10/03/2016”

  1. buttercuprocks1 says:

    I….kinda like these…but I’m not entirely sure whether I’d look like a slob if I wore them. It’s a contentious move in fat gal clothes I think.

    • Deena says:

      I wish I’d had the time to try them on but I was whizzing along Oxford street at top speed to make my coach on time. I have found myself embracing a looser more unstructured silhouette these days so I may well like “slob”. I’m only a few steps away from buying a onesie for every day of the week. I’m not sure whether this silhouette relaxation is down to middle age, my constant rushing around, my ever expanding waistline or a general middle finger attitude. I’m undecided.

      • buttercuprocks1 says:

        It’s more the faux paint spatterage than the cut, though admittedly the cut probably wouldn’t do a lot for me either.

      • Missima says:

        Ditto! I love the splash of colours but reluctant to try, I just don’t think I have the confidence to pull it off! x

  2. Neti says:

    First time to your blog and I like what I read so I will be back to read more. . .

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