Item of the Week 10/12/15

This week’s Item of the Week actually comprises of three separate items but as they’re all from the same collection they can be viewed as a single entry. Ok? Alright good.

It’s no secret that I love all things 1980’s so you won’t be surprised to hear that I’ve fallen for this entire set by designer Lou Taylor which brings back all kinds of New Romantic memories for me…

I was a major Adam Ant fan as a child and have memories of being 6 and doing the Prince Charming dance in my parent’s bedroom with my mom’s lipstick smeared across my face. Don’t tell.


image from

New Romantics


5 Comments on “Item of the Week 10/12/15”

  1. buttercuprocks1 says:

    OMG I had some brilliant gold tasseled fan earrings as a 21st birthday prezzie in the 80s! They actually moved so you could wear them open, closed or at half-mast! I may even still have them somewhere…

  2. Rose says:

    Those are supper cute! I especially like the earrings. I wouldn’t know what to wear with them though but they are lovely pieces.

    Rose |

  3. turn neon says:

    Love this so much. This is really unique. Thumbs up for the post.

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