I’m not someone to document every little thing I eat but I couldn’t help but take photos at a meal I was served at The Botanist in Birmingham.

bot6Yes. That is a shovel. An actual garden shovel. Proving that there is such a thing as taking a theme too far. The soup served in a flowerpot shaped mug was fine but an actual garden tool?

It was my first trip to The Botanist and I’d been looking forward to visiting it since I discovered it a few weeks ago and was struck by the eyecatching wrought iron gates at the front and the inviting terrace.

Image from thebotanist.uk.com

Image from thebotanist.uk.com

I was instantly smitten with the olde worlde feel of the place and on my visit yesterday I liked it even more. The food wasn’t as fancy as I expected and prices were reasonable though the OTT presentation of some of it made me feel that they were trying a little bit too hard. My starter in the shovel- garlic mushrooms- was lovely though the stupid thing kept rocking as I was trying to eat. My main was a selection of four items from a choice of 21, served with freshly baked bread on a wooden slab which was a lot less problematic than the dratted shovel.

Would I go back? Definitely. It was a relaxing and charming experience, the staff were very accommodating and friendly without being too saccharine and I loved the interior. However next time I visit, #WeWantPlates.

bot5 bot4 bot3 bot1

2 Comments on “#WeWantPlates”

  1. Babette says:

    … what next, secateurs instead of knives?

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