Two Toning it up

dddddEver since I saw that Valentino dress on the catwalk  I’ve been smitten. Everyone knows I love colour, but what I love even more than colour in general is a graphic print in any hue. I’ve been looking all over for something similarly striking in size fat but the closest thing I’ve found is the dress above which is from Yours Clothing. I tried it on in a size 28, it fit and its comfy, but its about 2, 3 inches shorter than I would like and sits above the knee but you can’t tell that from the photo above. However, its still a great dress. I’ve found some other dresses in quirky black and white prints that I’ve listed below but if you find anything else, please drop in a link in the comments!

Modcloth, $89.99

Modcloth, $89.99

Modcloth. $139.99

Modcloth. $139.99

Navabi, £138.90

Isolde Roth at Navabi, £138.90

Manon Baptiste at Navabi, £66.90

Manon Baptiste at Navabi, £66.90


2 Comments on “Two Toning it up”

  1. themoosick says:

    Great dress and it looks lovely on you 🙂

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