Scott Schuman’s Got Nothing on Me

I’m naturally a pretty shy person and hardly ever have the guts to approach anyone in the street to do any street style photography. Part of the problem is that I am mildly concerned about being pushed under a bus when I tell someone that my blog is called “Fat Girls Like Nice Clothes Too,” before I get the chance to explain that the fat girl in the title is me. Misinterpretation can be a serious thing.

Things are looking up because I have taken two photos in recent weeks. This lovely lady called Kelly who I saw in a Yours store in Birmingham…




…wearing a lovely dress that I thought was vintage but was in fact from Simply Be. And..



….who is definitely the most consistently well dressed man in the whole West Midlands region. I have never seen him wearing anything less than a full three piece suit with matching hat, shoes and jewellery.  I’ve taken photos of him before so he’s used to me stopping him in the street. See more of John here, and here. One day I’m going to take him out for coffee. I’m on a roll.




2 Comments on “Scott Schuman’s Got Nothing on Me”

  1. Shoesissima says:

    I’m seriously surprised at Simply Be, that dress is lovely, and hats off to John! 🙂

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