Evans Almighty

I may be a little biased but London Fashion Week has always been my favourite fashion week since day dot, and this season the promise of the  Evans Design Collective show gave me another reason to look forward to it. Imagine- Evans on the main LFW schedule slap bang in the middle of the week. Well where else would it be- could you imagine putting any Phillip Green associated show off schedule? Ha! I think not. The Evans team plus six established designers- Giles Deacon, Clements Ribeiro, Hema Kaul, Lulu Liu, Jamie Wei Huang, and Vita Gottlieb- all showcasing clothes I can fit into. The collection looked great and it was good to see directional pieces that wouldn’t have looked out of place in any other LFW show for younger customers, alongside more classic fare for their core customer. The mix was good and as a brand that tries to be everything to every fat body, I think they did well.

Watch the show. What are your favourite pieces? Mine are the green evening dress, the white asymmetric dungaree dress and the silver leather laser cut skirt. Oh and the white burnout midi skirt. And the translucent silver floaty skirt. And the……..


2 Comments on “Evans Almighty”

  1. buttercuprocks1 says:

    I think it’s great that they’ve done this and there was quite a lot I liked – the long silver iridescent pleated skirt, the sheer black hi-lo peplumy thing, the silver laser cut skirt, and the print clash outfit with the fishtail skirt. But … there’s not much I can imagine wearing myself apart from the latter as most of it just wouldn’t work on my shape and/or proportions. And, to be honest, a lot of it would be hard to wear on an everyday basis. Even though I’m never knowingly underdressed, there were a lot of sheer chiffon accidents waiting to happen.

  2. tamistout says:

    oh my…that silver floaty skirt is killa!

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