ZZZZ at Asda

Yesterday Asda launched its new plus sized range which goes up to a size 32 and I have to say I’m very……. underwhelmed.


Maybe its because its fashion week season and I’ve been looking at beauties like this…


and this…

Adeam (Image from Vogue.com)

Adeam (Image from Vogue.com)

and this….

Christian Siriano (Image from Vogue.com)

Christian Siriano (Image from Vogue.com)

and these…


Opening Ceremony (Images from Vogue.com)

Opening Ceremony (Images from Vogue.com)

….. that make the George Plus range appear doubly uninspiring by contrast. Of course, I  wouldn’t expect high fashion from a supermarket line like I would from Asos or Evans, but I would expect a little bit more effort. Just a little bit. George Plus, you really do disappoint.

Any thoughts from you dear readers?

OH- And to add insult to injury- the range is only available online. But of course, you expected that didn’t you?


8 Comments on “ZZZZ at Asda”

  1. I like these clothes (except for the heart, that not even with the zoom can I figure out what it’s supposed to say) except they are designed for everyday, casual wear – and what we’re seeing on the walkway in Fashion Week, is far more dressed-up and special occasion … the whole ‘online only’ is a whole other subject I’ll get into another time and place …

  2. buttercuprocks1 says:

    Mmmm. Sharkbite hems and leggings. Any effort at all might have been nice.

  3. I was underwhelmed too! Feels very frumpy and unstylish. Much more mums on the school run than stylish curvy women. Such a shame they missed the mark when they have some great designers working with them on the rest of their range.

  4. Reblogged this on EverydayQuirkyGirl and commented:
    I was going through my reader and came across “Fat Girls Like Nice clothes too”s blog and have to say, I’m totally with her on her view of the latest range from Asda. For a company that employ designers straight from University and design schools to have such little inspiration in their plus size range is so disappointing! We don’t all want to wear baggy tshirts and leggings.

  5. Shoesissima says:

    Oh dear, indeed I agree, from a supermarket store you cannot expect too much, however a little more imagination would have been nice! x

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