Beloved Vintage

Images of the gorgeous Marie from Migg Mag blog looking sultry while wearing a vintage dress from Beloved Endeavour Vintage, in her piece on festival fashion.

Marie Southard Ospina 5 Marie Southard Ospina2 Migg Mag3 Marie Southard Ospina 8

Thanks for choosing Beloved Endeavour for your piece, Marie!

Images from Migg Mag



4 Comments on “Beloved Vintage”

  1. Thanks so much for sharing this on your blog Deena!

  2. Noza says:

    What a beauty x

  3. Missima says:

    I love the vintage look and loving the reds, they just jump out, I’ve found the ideal large shoe to go with this look which would enhance the red from the dress even further: I think the poppy red would really go well with this look xx

  4. Lily Plum says:

    I am happy I came across this post! these are really great photos.

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