I concede defeat

Chartreuse summerTop- Monsoon, jeggings- Evans, bag- H! by Henry Holland at Debenhams (only black left online), bracelet- M&S, earrings- Topshop.


Not the most exciting fashion look I’ve ever posted but this H by Henry Holland bag is already making my summer even though its only April. There is one significant thing about this look dear readers, and it’s not the bag.

I’m wearing jeggings.

I submit. The hybrid fashion horror has won as I can fight no more. I’ve been avoiding jeggings like the plague since their inception however many years ago, simply because I hate the name. However, I’m now waving the white flag and have bought two pairs in six days. A bit of a jegging binge if you like, after a strict diet of straight leg jeans, but as my mother always told me, “Too much of one thing is good for nothing.” One pair is an experiment. Two pairs declares that we are going steady. I like them but I miss belt loops. They keep falling down as they don’t cling like standard jersey leggings do, but I love the look. (No, not the look of them while they fall down in case you’re wondering, I mean the general appearance. Just wanted to clarify). Mine are from Evans but can anyone else recommend any others?


8 Comments on “I concede defeat”

  1. I think you look amazing – the blue and green are just so lovely together.x

  2. Reblogged this on Curvaceous Girl Blog! and commented:
    Cute name for your site.

  3. tami stout says:

    Not Your Daughter’s Jeans makes a nice jegging-and they tend to run a bit large. NYDJ

  4. I recommend Dorothy perkins for jeggings, they’re the only place that fits my massive thighs 7 bottom properly without getting all big at the ankle… and they have belt loops!

  5. Silje Andersen says:

    I removed belt loops from jeans I was no longer wearing and sowed them on my jeggings. Couldn’t use them before that, as they kept sliding.

    You look great, and I love the bag and ear rings 🙂

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