Cutting a Dash

Is it spring yet? It should be. Spring really ought to start on January 2nd with longer days and warmer weather. That way, by the time collections like this drop in February….

Evans The Cut

…the weather is ready for the explosion of colour, feel great optimism and all round joy.

But the reality is that the country is sinking under a deluge of water with no respite in sight. My showerproof coat is putting in crazy overtime and desperately trying to live up to its title that’s been relentlessly tested over recent weeks. I’ve got a terrible cold and haven’t been to work for two days and am so cold at night I’m sleeping in my fluffy dressing gown and wishing it had a hood. Spring has definitely not sprung but when it does, I’m coming for the aqua trousers and shirt, the cardigan and the geometric skirt and top.

What do you think of the range? Love it? Hate it?


5 Comments on “Cutting a Dash”

  1. buttercuprocks1 says:

    Obviously, I love it. The colours and prints are fantastic and I’m cock a hoop Evans are doing this and hope they do a whole lot more in the future. I especially like the bolero and the turquoise/pink/purple print. However, as to whether I’ll find a way of making any of it work on me remains to be seen. Proportionately speaking, jumpsuits tend to be a disaster on me because most of my height is in my legs and most of my weight is round my middle. Likewise I don’t tend to have a great record with loose-fitting trousers with narrow ankles. But I will definitely be checking the collection out in person and trying it on. Never say never. A good cut can confound one’s expectations.

    • Deena says:

      I might have to go to the Marble Arch store and try on everything because there is so much I like. Actually, I don’t think I’ll have to as there is a launch event there this eve and lots of bloggers of all shapes and sizes will be there doing the same thing so there must be someone we can each size up to to see how things may look. Stay tuned to your Twitter feed!

    • Deena says:

      And an initiative like this is LONG overdue. But very welcome.

  2. i love it. super cute and Spring perfect!

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