Blurred Lines- a note to self

Deena you dimwit, what on earth is the actual matter with you? The whole idea behind the Fabric Utilisation Scheme is that you use up the fabric that you already have in the house, NOT that you bend like a hairpin every time you go past the fabric store and see something so lovely that you couldn’t possibly go home without it. The objective- the objective that you set your own darn self- is to liberate the ever increasing stockpile, not add more stock to the pile.

Honeydarling, you are going to have to try so much harder if you wish to ever see the bottom of your billy bookcase again. You are simply going to have to stop going loopy over cotton poplin prints like this,


and this,


and this,



cottonpop4…if this whole idea is gonna work. On the bright side- you did use the last one immediately and created this,



in a size 24, with another one in size 20 on the way. But really Dee, you need to work on your resolve.

Beloved Endeavour on Etsy


7 Comments on “Blurred Lines- a note to self”

  1. Oh the tape measure fabric!! Perfect for a fatshionista!

  2. Hilary says:

    Could you post about where you fabric shop?
    Love your style and am jealous of your sewing skills!Thanks Hilary

  3. All of these fabrics are swoonworthy, but that map-peplum top is amazing!

  4. […] I’m slowly but surely working through the pile of fabric that’s threatening to evict me from my own home. I’ve made another skirt, this time using the Vintage Marco Polo/ Dora the Explorer inspired nautical cotton print that I recently added to the stockpile because I’m weak. […]

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