The Fabric Utilisation Scheme

Fabric is taking  over the house.


fabric2 fabric3

And that’s just a small sample of the metre after metre of print, pattern and plain fabric that is stashed in every available corner. There’s a box of fabric beside my bed that I use as a nightstand, a box in the spare room, a box on the wardrobe in the spare room- its bloomin’ everywhere.

So. I’m having a clear out. But I’m not throwing it all out, I’m having a mass sewing frenzy and making item after item, dress after dress, skirt after skirt until my fingers bleed. Or I utilise all the stock- whichever happens first.

I’ll be making things in various sizes and selling them in my Etsy shop. In fact- I’ve already started..




Fabrics are limited so there will only be one, maybe two of most items unless I happen to have an entire roll of something- which is rare. Items I’m modelling are worn for the length of time it takes to take a photograph. All items are brand spanking new and made with my own hands. Any questions- ask!

Beloved Endavour- Etsy


2 Comments on “The Fabric Utilisation Scheme”

  1. […] you dimwit, what on earth is the actual matter with you? The whole idea behind the Fabric Utilisation Scheme is that you use up the fabric that you already have in the house, NOT that you bend like a hairpin […]

  2. […] slowly but surely working through the pile of fabric that’s threatening to evict me from my own home. I’ve made another skirt, this time using the Vintage Marco Polo/ Dora the Explorer inspired […]

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