Anything but black

The LBD is the tried and tested default setting for party dressing. While reliable, it can get a little boring so I’ve scoured the internet to bring you nine of the best non- black party dresses that I could find, at all price points. However, I won’t be wearing any of these for Christmas dinner, as I’ve somehow managed to get myself talked into dressing as Mrs Christmas on Christmas day. I’ve promised my kid cousins that I’ll be in full Santa costume, complete with white fur trim and mince pies while they dress up as elves. If they turn up without pointy ears and a helpful disposition there will be trouble.

Non Black

1. Isabel Peplum dress, $208, Monif C

2. Regina dress, $175, Igigi

3. Sybel Dress, $188, Monif C

4. Tartan velour dress £44, Simply Be

5. Hermann Lange, £107.90 at Navabi

6. Wrap dress, £535, Roberto Cavalli

7. Rue 107, $95

8. Ashley Stewart, $32.72

9. Nora Dress, $165, Igigi



3 Comments on “Anything but black”

  1. This selection is awesome! I love the Regina dress! Is it because it’s my mom’n first name?
    I would love to see your Christmas outfit! haha!

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