Colours of Day

Camila Batmanghelidjh

Photo- Sam Frost- Guardian Weekend Magazine

Waking up to read yesterday’s Guardian Weekend magazine (my weekends are always busy, I live them in reverse) it was heartening to read Camila Batmangheldjh’s piece in the “What I see in the mirror” column. Each week a different personality writes a frank synopsis on how they see themselves and I love Camila’s description of how she gets dressed in the morning.

I am happy to report that being big has its delights; I gobble up exotic fabrics, sofa trimmings and patchwork quilts, and turn them into the outfit of the day in minutes. I wear with joy brooches the kids make out of cardboard. I don’t wear pierced earrings, because disturbed toddlers pull them off your ear, so my lobes are graced with antique clip-ons and they never match.

No thought to trends, playing down body parts, or considerations of other people’s opinions of how she should look. This is a woman who wears what she loves and loves what she wears- all accessorised with kiddy crafted jewellery and odd earrings. Inspiring.

Read the rest of the piece here.

6 Comments on “Colours of Day”

  1. Being a child of 80s Alternative Fashion, I love the way she dresses!

  2. I really enjoyed the profile too. It was so refreshing to hear someone fat reported in the mainstream media as not apologising for the space they take up; and instead focusing on the incredibly important work that they do. I think Camila Batmangheldjh’s unique style actually adds to her gravitas rather than detracting from it, but at the same time makes her approachable for the kids she works with.

    She’s a fantastic woman on a mission!

  3. Abi Brown says:

    Camila Batmangheldjh is unfeasibly badass. There is nothing about her that I do not adore.

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