What should Gabby have worn for the Harpers Shoot?

***UPDATE ON OCT 15***

CONTEST EXTENDED! Contest will now run for an extra week. New closing date- Weds Oct 23 12am.

You’ve all seen the Harper’s Bazaar shoot featuring Gabourey Sidibe wearing a less than inspired outfit, and one thing is clear. Superstar stylists obviously need your help because they don’t have a clue how to dress a larger than size 6 body. If only they’d have asked us we would have put them straight and made Gabby look knockout, like all the other women in that shoot. Still, I’m all for preemptive action so we’re gonna do their job for them so that next time they want to do a high fashion spread with Gabs they have something spectacular to dress her in.


Here comes a pretty big contest.

What should Gabby have worn for that Harper’s shoot?


Draw it! I’m appealing to the creative streak that you all have and by launching a design contest. More work I know, but I’m going to make it worth the effort. This contest is sponsored by Hope and Harvest who are offering a $200AUD voucher…

Hope and Harvest

..and Igigi who are offering a $100 voucher, both to the winning entry.


As its birthday month and I’m feeling generous, I may even throw in a third prize. Also, I would love for as many of you to get involved as possible.

If you don’t think you can draw – fear not- I’m providing a template


I hope Gabby doesn’t mind me depicting her in a swimsuit!

All you have to do is print it off, trace it and draw your outfit on, scan it and email it to me. OK- so its a bit more work than just commenting at the bottom of a post, but it will be worth it! I can’t wait to see what you all come up with. Whatever you design I just KNOW it will blow that Harper’s outfit right out of the water because you’re much more clued up than that.

As there’s a fair bit of work to do I will leave the contest open for three weeks until October 15th, 12am GMT. After that date I will post all the entries and we’ll all vote for the winner. How does that sound? I’m excited already! Ladies and gents- get drawing!

Contest is open worldwide.

Email your entries to: fatgirlclothes at yahoo dot com


3 Comments on “What should Gabby have worn for the Harpers Shoot?”

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  3. […] we’re on the subject of contests- you have one week left to enter the design an outfit for Gabby contest, and be in with a chance of winning an Igigi dress and a $200 Hope and Harvest voucher. Get […]

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