Voluptuous Vixen Giveaway!

Vol Vixen

The second celebratory giveaway for all you lovelies but unfortunately, this one is for US readers only. I can hear the groans from the rest of the world already but groan ye not, I will have more worldwide giveaways soon.

New Orleans based retailer Voluptuous Vixen, are giving away a $100 gift voucher to one lucky reader. All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is comment on this post. Could it be any easier? I think not!

PS- Lap up the easy entries while you can. I have a contest planned that will require a little more work from you *wink*

Contest ends Thursday 19th September, 11pm GMT where one name will be chosen at random. Good Luck!

29 Comments on “Voluptuous Vixen Giveaway!”

  1. Lydia says:

    What pretty dresses !!!

  2. Ma'ayan says:

    :Love this!

  3. tamistout says:

    This college gal could def use some new clothes to show on campus!!!

  4. tamistout says:

    This college gal needs some new clothes to wear on campus and shoe those younger chicks what it’s all about to be a grown up!

  5. Bekah M. says:

    Oh, I would love a gift card to VV! Lots of cute clothing! Love this blog and getting to see fashion for my size that I otherwise might not know about, living in a small town with few options. Keep up the good work!

  6. marjorie says:

    exciting! i love that red and white dress.

  7. feeshhead says:

    that dress with a mint green front panel is knocking my socks off!!!!

  8. Rachael says:

    I so need to win this. 🙂 I’m having this moment where I’m totally sick of all my clothes, but don’t have the budget for a full wardrobe renewal, or even a partial one. I think it’s because it’s back to school time in a college town, but I’m not a student or connected with the university at all, so can’t justify a huge “new school clothes” purchase.

  9. Amber O'Leary says:

    Love this store and would love $100 to shop there!

  10. Catherine says:

    Love the Voluptuous Vixen! Always stop by when I’m in New Orleans.

  11. I LOVE everything I’ve ever purchased from the Voluptuous VIxen! Just happened into the store on day in New Orleans, and I’ve been hooked ever since! Now I go everytime I down there!

  12. Susan Windley says:

    I love Jaclyn’s store! Thanks for the chance to enter!

  13. Hi!!! I’m guessing the leaving if the comment has nothing to do with the Lay’s commercial?
    Congrats on the new line!
    Miss you! We won’t be back in NoLa until after the baby is born and I’m more functional.
    Happy fall!!

  14. Jennifer says:

    So Glad I came across VV while I was in NOLA!

  15. That green, black, and white colorblock dress is giving me life! The skinny yellow belt, now y’all just showing off and I will, too, when I wear it!

  16. Lauren Horton says:

    LOVE The Voluptuous Vixen! I never leave there without breaking the bank on all of the amazing things thatI find there. This prize would help!

  17. Catherine Loeffen says:

    Love the colors! I think I can finally fit into those sexy clothes again, after giving birth to my beautiful daughter! Yay!!!

  18. dorogaya says:

    I can’t pick a dress — they’re all fantastic!

  19. Jamie C says:

    They have the best selection of jeans, classy lady-Saints stuff & underthings that make me keep going back. The ladies who work there are amazing, patient & honest (yes honey, those jeans….just…no. Let’s try this style instead). Can’t wait to get back downtown now that the tourist season as subsided 🙂

  20. Holly B says:

    Wow, they have so many things I love! Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  21. […] Voluptuous Vixen Giveaway! (fatgirlslikeniceclothestoo.wordpress.com) […]

  22. Rhonda S says:

    The Voluptuous Vixen is an amazing boutique with lots of beautiful clothes and accessories. Need to plan a visit soon for some new clothes

  23. Harley Quinn says:

    Love love love! So glad I found you 🙂

  24. Kim Heniadis says:

    I was checking out the site and fell in love with the Navy Poppy Grid dress. I have a thing for colors, graphics and dress, so this fit all three!

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