IG1Its funny how you can see yourself one way but the rest of the world sees you as something different. I don’t really consider myself to be a girly girl but I’m surprised at how whenever I’m faced with an occasion to go anywhere more special than work, I throw on a dress. I like to think I’m more of a jeans and tee person but my blogging persona is definitely more “dress” than “jeans” as I tend to photograph myself more in the former.ย  This was particularly evident during my meetup with Buttercup where she commented that a tailored dress we were looking at was really typical of my style. I thought about it and yes, I guess that’s right. I really do like a tailored dress and I would have said I don’t much go for floaty frilly lacy numbers until I saw this…


Not an ounce of tailoring in sight but lots of float, sparkle and romance abound. What is happening to me? Am I going soft in the head? I REALLY like it. I love the colourway and despite it being far more romantic looking than I would usually go for, I’d wear it.

These dresses below are as Buttercup says, more typically me with their semi fitted shape and knee length hem.


So then the question I ask myself is this- just exactly how many different versions of me are there inhabiting this one body?

All dresses from Igigi.com


One Comment on “Dressed”

  1. Suzi Dowd says:

    Ooh exciting! I would get a dress or jacket for when I start work (whenever that day comes!)

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