Bad Boy Stylista- Part 2

A few months ago I wrote a piece for, where I spoke about my new muse, a man called John who I’ve been seeing around the city for a while. In the comments section I joked that I had the makings of a stalker, such was my sartorial admiration for him. Well yesterday, the makings made me, and I followed John for about a quarter of a mile maybe- or however far you can walk in five minutes. I didn’t follow him outright- I was trying to keep up!
Ya see what happened was this…..

I was going about my own biz and I spotted John on the other side of the street, walking in the opposite direction. I really wanted a photo of him but I was feeling a little shy so just carried on. Then I thought nah, that’s not good enough. I’ve been praying for boldness (cause I’m generally a big chicken) so I need to “woman up” and just go over there and talk. Well while I was standing there trying to coerce  myself into approaching him, someone else came over to chat to me. Not wanting to be rude I listened for a while, during which time I decided that I was going to get my photo one way or another but of course by this point John was nowhere to be seen. I used my spidey senses (?!) to figure out which direction he went in and eventually caught up with him. We walked and talked for a few minutes until I finally got brave enough to ask him for another pic. He was more than happy to pose for me and here’s the result.


John looking as dapper as always! We had a good chat about the homogenisation of the high street and I left his company feeling really pleased with myself for effectively, chasing a stranger through the streets of Birmingham and not getting arrested.

Hang on- does that make me paparazzi?


5 Comments on “Bad Boy Stylista- Part 2”

  1. xsyntriq says:

    Oh, natty!
    I see why you wanted to follow him – he’s adorable! 🙂

    • Deena says:

      He is! And now I want to know all about his life. I will have 101 questions for him the next time I meet him but I won’t ask them all at once. He might run away from me next time.

  2. xsyntriq says:

    I think you should just tell him who you are and let him know that your readers find him fascinating and ask if he’d consent to two or three video interviews (10-15 questions per session) over tea 🙂

  3. […] taken photos of him before so he’s used to me stopping him in the street. See more of John here, and here. One day I’m going to take him out for coffee. I’m on a […]

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