Have you ever discovered a new brand and almost fallen off your seat with excitement? Well that was pretty much my reaction when I discovered De-Mes’Tiks New York a few weeks back.


I never mentioned them before cause I figured you must all know about this new label already but today just rediscovered one of their items I favourited on Etsy and figured- WHATEVA. If the readers already know- they’re gonna know again!

If you’re a fan of African prints they are well worth checking out as they have some beautiful pieces available in all sizes. Yes, ALL SIZES, from a US4 to US28. This isn’t a plus size collection, it isn’t a straight sized collection- its just a collection of superb pieces for everyone. The way it should be. Oh- and they have a sale on too- what more incentive do you need?! Let me know your thoughts!

De-Mes’Tiks New York


5 Comments on “De’Mes’Tikism”


  2. These pieces are beautiful, I love that jacket!!!

  3. Jen L says:

    Yes! I love this brand and the owner is great.. I’ve bought two skirts from him already. They are beautiful and I can’t wait to wear them. Have you bought anything of his?

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