The Asos Carmakoma Mash- up

In what is almost an unlikely partnership, Carmakoma clothing will be available from Asos as of August 1st. Why unlikely? Asos is the vibrant, supercool, fashionable, popular kid in school with the latest looks and gorgeous boyfriend, and Carmakoma as the darkly quiet one. Carmakoma is the Morrissey of the plus sized fashion world- sombre, moody, dark- but you still want to hang out with them because they have an alternative angle on life and always have something valuable to say. An unlikely partnership maybe, but we all know that opposites attract and sometimes the best friendships are those forged from polar personalities.

carma3 carma2 carma1 carma4Images from the soon coming Carmakoma A/W2013 collection.


4 Comments on “The Asos Carmakoma Mash- up”

  1. While I’d delighted that ASOS are making the label more accessible to the UK, because we need all the plus size options we can ge t– I think I must be the only fat woman in the world who’s not impressed by Carmakoma. Folks carry on like they’re really edgy but I simply don’t see it. Loads of slenderising black; loads of capacious tunics, loads of man made fibre. How does that make them any different from most other European plus size manufacturer?

    • Deena says:

      Carmakoma isn’t particularly edgy to me either, but the styling is good and makes their clothes look edgier than they actually are. They use a lot of black but I think that has more to do with the moody feel of their collections than them thinking and believing that fat bodies need to be hidden and disguised. It would be great to see them ramp up the design of their collections and become more directional. (I love the design of the white double breasted shirt thing in the second image)Imagine them becoming a plus size All Saints/ Rick Owens hybrid with a little Margiela thrown in for good measure. Oh my goodness me, my boat would definitely float.

  2. Ugh. Typos ahoy. Sorry!

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