I can hardly believe it…

…I bought something from Chesca. *Facepalm*

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAChesca is one of those brands that I would really love to love. The fabrics are of a good quality and the manufacture is to a high standard, but there’s one thing that lets it all down. Design.

The Chesca aesthetic is generally “mother of the bride,” with its gored ankle length skirts with matching overblouse and co-ordinating fascinator. All very well if you are the mother of the bride- but what about meeeee? There’s a concession in my local House of Fraser store that I always browse and occasionally go into the fitting room to try something on, but nothing has ever had me mentally  calculating how late my council tax payment is allowed to be before they send the bailiffs round. Until last week.

White Laser Cut Crush Pleat Petal Blouse

This is the blouse that did it. It looks really unremarkable online but in the flesh it’s a total showstoppa and grabbed my attention by the throat. It screams  “summer” and is an absolute beauty. It has so much shape, form and texture that I feel like an art installation whenever I put it on. It’s subtly floral with an intricate shibori (fancy pleating) treatment, laser cut details and extra Tate Modern credit by way of the scalloped edges.


Love it, love it, LOVE IT. I teamed it with my Simply Be floral trousers for even more impact. Definitely my item of this week. Whaddya think?

Blouse- Chesca

Trousers- Simply Be

Belt- ASOS

Shoes- Office


9 Comments on “I can hardly believe it…”

  1. Maripoya says:

    A perfect combination resulting in a (I’m so jealous) cute outfit. Well done!

  2. buttercuprocks1 says:

    It’s beautiful! Every so often Chesca does get it right and the quality is great. I too only have a couple of things – a really interestingly shaped blouse and a long, floaty bias cut skirt with a 30s style print. I should bring ’em out again as I haven’t worn either for a while…

  3. Sian says:

    That top is beeeeeeautiful! Love the scalloped details. Looks great with yoru floral trousers. I have the same feelings about Chesca, great quality, but very mother of the bride, very occasionally they get something right though. I like to browse through at house of fraser/john lewis too just in case there is something fab.

  4. Xsyntriq says:

    WANT WANT WANT that top!!

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