Fat girls like quality too

One of my pet peeves with Evans is the quality of their shoes. As someone with super wide feet there really aren’t many places on the high street where I can buy stylish shoes that fit so Evans is always my first stop. Just yesterday I breezed through my local store with the singular intention of checking out their shoes, and I really did blow through like a gust of wind as nothing grabbed my attention. My problem is their lack of real leather footwear. Evans always do great leather boots in winter but when it comes to sandals and shoes they fall flat. We all love a bargain but I’m sick and tired of cheap PU shoes that often just look- well- cheap. Where are the quality on trend leather shoes? My feet want to breathe, as well as look good- is that too much to ask?

Someone must have read my mind as this afternoon I saw these on the website…


Stylish shoes in real leather- I almost fell off my chair. I’m hoping this new focus on quality footwear isn’t just a temporary thing. We need more.


9 Comments on “Fat girls like quality too”

  1. confessgirly says:

    Really love those purple shoes….

  2. Love those heels so, so much. i want to buy them so badly, but I’m in the US and worry that it will be a pain to return. If you get them, please let us know how comfortably they fit wide feet!

  3. milex says:

    I don’t care… I love it 🙂

  4. Helen O says:

    Hi there, I don’t know if you live in the UK, US or elsewhere, I’ve only just started following your blog. I live in the UK and would highly recommend Simply Be for their sandals (if you haven’t found them already), they come in various extra wide sizes and a fair few of them are real leather, but you have to check the individual listings because some are PU etc. I’ve just bought these ones: http://www.simplybe.co.uk/shop/viva-la-diva-fringe-sandals-eee-fit/as929/product/details/show.action?pdBoUid=7274#colour:Stone,size:
    which are EEE wide, real suede, comfortable and look awesome. Obviously they have lots of other styles if those aren’t your cup of tea, I want so many of their sandals! Hope this helps 🙂

    • Deena says:

      Hi Helen- thanks for your comment!I live in the UK and yes, I’m familiar with Simply Be. I was talking more about actual high street bricks and mortar shops rather than online retailers. When it comes to shoes I always prefer not to buy online. Unfortunately Simply Be don’t have a shop in Birmingham but I hope they open one soon. I like those sandals!

  5. Helen O says:

    Simply Be’s clothes are pretty good as well as their Sandals, I’ve bought quite a few things from there and loved them.

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