Cycling shorts- are we REALLY back there again?

I understand fashion, honestly I do. I know it works in cycles and its worth storing your old clothes because you never know when their spotlight will return and you’ll want to wear your puffball skirt/ shell suit/ Bay City Roller trousers again. I know we’re in the midst of a nineties revival and we’re seeing crop tops and bomber jackets on the rails again- I get that. But who on earth authorised the resurgence of cycling shorts?

Cycling Shorts


Is there anyone out there who actually likes these? It’s a subjective question of course as we all like different things, but if you own these shorts speak up. I for one would love to see how you wear them, and I promise I won’t hold it against you! These aren’t called cycling shorts on the Fashion to Figure website but shorts plus lycra can equal only one thing.

Nineties  fashion I can just about deal with, but if  Timmy Mallett gets a new series of anything- at- all I may actually surrender my TV licence.

Cycling shorts- for or against?


18 Comments on “Cycling shorts- are we REALLY back there again?”

  1. chiefbroad says:

    I wear shorts like these under dresses, to prevent chub rub. But, I am not digging this style comeback for outerwear at all.

  2. Blue Meeple says:

    I like bike shorts, like chiefbroad said, for thigh rub. But (for me) anything shorter than top-of-the-knee is useless. Also, I prefer – well, not lycra.

  3. Frances says:

    I’d wear them under super short dresses or under long shirts, so they feature but aren’t the main event.

  4. RB says:

    Yeah, the only good thing about this trend is that it’s going to make it easy to find shorts that aren’t shapewear for under skirts and dresses. We should all stock up now before they disappear again!

  5. RachaelFoy says:

    not so sure on the cycling shorts :-/ but I was wondering if anyone in England had ever bought any clothes from fashion to figure?
    I love their clothes and often look at the website, I sent them a grovelling e mail to see if I could order some clothes from them, but they said that I might be able to order in future but I can’t yet 😦
    So I think we should lobby them and contact them by e mail asking, no, insisting they should start to ship to little old England!!
    What do you think???
    Rachael xox

    • Deena says:

      I think its amazing that there are still major companies who still don’t do international shipping in 2013. Pestering emails sound like a good idea to me! Does anyone know why some companies don’t ship internationally? Is it a legal issue or mainly down to logistics?

  6. confessgirly says:

    Horrific! Burn them forever!! No – we don`t likey!

  7. Zenith says:

    I like my legs but have issues with my arms so I’d totally wear these bike shorts with a long-ish top, possibly a peplum top, really nearly anything I’d wear with leggings, especially a chiffon button down like this lovely one from Asos:

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