Another one bites the dust

Another one bites the dust

Ann Harvey, going, going ………


2 Comments on “Another one bites the dust”

  1. Is that Ann Harvey in general or just the one in the Brum Pavillions? Do you know I couldn’t find one thing in there I’d be seen dead in.Truly their clothes have been getting more wretched by the year.

    • Deena says:

      I didn’t ask as I can’t say I’m mourning the loss. I ‘ve been looking online and found a Retail News report from a while back ( ) that said they were closing a lot of its stores as their customers prefer to shop online. I just thought- what customers? The shop in Birmingham has gone, the Merry Hill shop has gone, and the concession in House of Fraser has gone. I think the online shoppers statement is a smokescreen to hide the fact that they have very few customers because their clothes are naff.

      Also, I don’t think they did enough to adapt to the new retail/ online environment. They re-introduced the Anya range which was younger and had some on trend pieces, but it seemed they expected customers to come to them, rather than reach out to new customers, and it all seemed a little half hearted. When did you ever hear any kind of a buzz around Ann Harvey?…. Exactly. You can’t be passive in fashion, it just won’t work.

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