In my heart, its spring

It was only today that I was reading a post on the Diamonds ‘n’ Pearls blog about the correlation between increasing age and comfortable shoes, and how much the Clarks brand has improved over the years. Now Clarks no longer just offer comfortable shoes that sacrifice style for bunion free feet, but they are actually collaborating with contemporary designers to create jazzy footwear that appeals to both the fashion conscious and the hammer toe shy. I’ve never owned a pair of their classic desert boots, but the geometric prints on these is making me want to endure the double whammy of the sudden heavy snowfall and Sunday service buses today, just to get my mitts on them.

I have older brothers and I’ve always associated desert boots with them, but these are definitely calling my name. I mean, just look at them..

I feel a Vybz Cartel moment coming on…

The designer partnership also features shoes….

This springtime collaboration is with print experts Eley Kishimoto and originally featured three styles in three different prints, but some of them have sold out since the range launched on March 1st. The best bit? The collection is exclusively available online so it looks like I don’t have to stand at the bus stop in the snow after all. Thank goodness for that.

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One Comment on “In my heart, its spring”

  1. The yellow & blue desert boots are FIERCE!!

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