The No Colour, Colour Scheme of the Season

This is the second black and white dress I’ve bought in a year. I used to avoid anything black and white but now I’ve definitely warmed to monochrome prints….


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8 Comments on “The No Colour, Colour Scheme of the Season”

  1. Odette says:

    It’s lovely and you look great in it.

  2. Monnix says:

    I’m still not brave enough to wear monocrome but you look fab!

  3. Andi says:

    You look great! I don’t do black and white. It feels lazy, cheap or tacky, depending on the outfit and person wearing it. Your little necklace takes it up to pop art though!

  4. YES YES YES. I love it on you!

  5. This is completely classic! I’ve been looking for something similar to wear for my 30th birthday coming up! Loved an Asos Midi dress that I saw online, but it’s an older garment that’s now out of stock so still on the hunt for an alternative.

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