The Big Greeny

I’ve quite enjoyed dressing like a big green bogey today, I think it’s quite apt as I’ve had a cold for the past week and a bit. I used to HATE wearing green as a child. When I was seven I had a white dress with a green print that used to reduce me to tears whenever my mom made me wear it. I argued that I looked like a big green plant and until recent years, never wore green at all, such was the trauma. I did consider wearing this blouse over the top of the dress but I thought that might be taking the colour scheme a little too far as chartreusey yellow with the teal green was making my stomach churn a little too much (The colours are slightly more vibrant in real life than in the pic below).  I’m not 100% recovered and I didn’t really want to risk throwing up in the street, induced by my own stomach wrenching colour co-ordination. So I stuck with matching teal green tights, black jacket and accessories.


Dress- ASOS

Tights- Evans

Hat- Marks & Spencer

Shoe Boots- Old Evans

Bag- Fiorelli

Necklace- Old H&M

Jacket- New Look Summer 2012


8 Comments on “The Big Greeny”

  1. Elle Leah says:

    Hahaha you are too funny! Well I hope there was no puking on the street because you look great!

    Elle (

  2. I have this dress! I love it so much I also ordered it in black! I’ve worn it with black tights and this jacket:

    With little booties.

    I’ve also worn it with a short high waisted skirt OVER it. Would love if there was a high waisted peplum to wear over it.

  3. Chelle says:

    I like!! You look “with it”.

  4. Alana says:

    Loving the look! I particularly love the simple, clean lines and the easy, breezy way you put the whole ensemble together. I always tell my friends not to let their clothes wear them, and to do the opposite. I’m sharing this with them to add to my point. That jacket would have popped some if the arms stopped just above the wrist, though. Thanks for posting this!


  5. I love the green. I think that is your color, girl

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