New Brand!

You know a plus size fashion brand must have a pretty ballsy manifesto if this is the first photo you encounter on their just launched website…


Unless you’ve had zero internet time over the past month you surely must have heard about One One Three. No? Ok, let me brief you. About a month ago the fatshion world was abuzz with talk of a new clothing label called One One Three as they released some skorching images of their soon to launch range….


The entire fat-net just about lost its mind. No cute. No pretty. No tunics. No apologies. Just stunning clothing that any size 10 woman would wear. Like that wasn’t enough greatness, all items are available up to a size UK32. Also, itsย  UK label so I’m double extra happy- no customs fees for me.

The ladies behind the brand are keeping a low profile and letting the clothes do the talking because the only info in the “about 113” link on the website says,

One One Three is a premium fashion design label for plus size women, by plus size women.

One sentence. That’s okay though. With clothes like this you really don’t need to shout about yourself. The collection is doing a fine PR job all by itself.

One One Three



8 Comments on “New Brand!”

  1. Andi says:

    I want to love them because of this balls out vibe but I admit to not liking a single thing on their website. I bookmarked it hoping I would find something at some point. But, I am not 1980s Jennifer Lopez.

  2. bossybelly says:

    If the Geometric dress asked me to be it’s baby mama, I would do it. Yes!

  3. Only a handful of items and I can’t say I really like any of them. 113 not for me!

  4. aiesha says:

    I feel in love however I’m in the us and shipping fees are ridiculous but I’m just wondering how do the fits run? Small or true to sz

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