Winter Warmers

Theres nothing like a bit of discomfort to make you rethink the way you do things. A couple of weeks ago I was out in the evening and cussed all the way back home. Why? Because my head was cold. No, my head was half frozen. I’m not really a hat person- they mess up your hair, you have to have the right hair style to wear a hat, and in general I’m just not that keen. A half frozen head changed all that and I vowed to go nowhere between now and April 2013 without one. I’ve bought two since that life changing day and we are inseparable. I bought this one from Accessorize, and this one yesterday from Per Una at M&S…



It’s not on the M&S website but its the Sahara hat. It’s a bit squashed on one side in the top photo but I like it so much I may even get really bold and find a similar shape in a brighter colour. Its available in two styles, plain black or with a pink and purple ribbon around the crown, and has the added benefit of coming in two sizes as one size most definitely does not fit all. Here it is with the rest of the outfit. I guess fat girls now like hats too.


Dress- Monsoon

Cardigan- New Look Inspire

Belt- ASOS

Boots- Very old Evans

Bag- Fiorelli at HoF


3 Comments on “Winter Warmers”

  1. The hat battle is one I fight every damn winter. I have fine, temperamental hair — wearing any type of hat leads to squished, static-y, scary hair. It does get quite cold in Chicago and while I’m sure I’d be better off with a hat, I typically just stick with earmuffs or wraps.

    You hat is super cute… I only wish it wouldn’t totally destroy my hair!

  2. Jackson says:

    I, too, have struggled with hats and hair. I have shoulder length locks and I always dread the colder months, because there are very few hats I can fit over my head. The ones I can fit are usually bulky knits that make me look like a Rasta reject stranded in a winter wonderland. I have since begun wearing hooded jackets and coats. They cover the head without pressing down on it. Hair is allowed to breathe and even delicate styles are spared. Pair a loose fitting fur-trim hood with a scarf and you can be warm as toast. This winter, I’m rocking my slicker jacket by Jack Spade (,default,pd.html?dwvar_P2RU0653_color=942&start=7&cgid=clothing). It’s light enough so that I can layer beneath it, but resistant enough to stand up to cold. The hood is roomy but warm.

    • Deena says:

      Thats a great coat! I was thinking about getting a coat with a hood but could not find one I liked. I will def get one nest winter or have another look in this seasons sales because it would solve the flat hair problem for sure.

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