Hard Ears

Last week Evans took over part of an empty shop unit in the Pavillions Shopping Centre in Birmingham, and created a one day style advisory where they were inviting people in for styling advice mixed with a little pampering in the way of a free hand massage or manicure.


So in I popped and was introduced to a lovely young woman called Sarina who took my measurements and found my shape category.


Despite being busty I hadn’t accounted for my big belly (can’t see it over my boobs) which makes me slot into the “apple” category rather than “busty” which is where I thought I was. Sarina was great and talked to me about items from the range to best suit my shape and about what clothes I like to wear, etc. As you already know,  I don’t really follow fashion rules but it was interesting to hear someone else’s advice on what suits me best. Looser shapes that skim rather than cling, and detail around the neckline.  Like this….




After my consultation I was handed a key ring with a diagram of my shape on it to remind me, escorted to the beautican who gave me a hand massage and then taken to the store a few doors away and given a 30% discount off my purchases. The service was good and if you’re someone who never knows what to buy I would really recommend using the in store advisory to help you out.

Armed with my key ring and discount I went shopping and bought these…


After all Sarina’s hard work advising me on what works best for my apple shape I still went ahead and bought clothes designed for an hourglass figure. There’s no telling some people.


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