The dress of infinite love

In spring I wrote about my love for a pair of shoes that I actually wanted to marry. Today, I’m flirting with polyamory by pledging my undying and infinite love for this Martin Margiela for H&M dress. Upon first sight in Grazia magazine last month my heart skipped. No, in actual fact I think it stopped. So overcome was I that I had to flick through the rest of the magazine first then come back to the Margiela page because if I had stopped to admire this frock for any longer I would have surely expired on the spot.

This is hands down my favourite piece from the collection which launched yesterday- I’m sure you’ve heard about the 5am queues. Were you one of the diehard fans lining up at that ridiculous hour of the morning?

This dress wouldn’t fit me but it wouldn’t need to. I just want to look at it. It’s pure inimitable Margiela genius and I would be more than happy to just hang it on my wall and gaze at it lovingly each day. I doubt there are any left anywhere in the country so I will just be content with this photo. Me and the Ladies No 5 horizontal dress. I.D.S.T.


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