Credit Crunching Vintage

Until this week my favourite place for finding vintage clothes that fit was Cow who have two shops in Birmingham and a website. It used to be that whenever I went there I never left empty handed- and I’m not talking about buying accessories. I’ve never been there and bought fewer than two dresses, it was a guaranteed sure fire winner.

I’ve not visited the shop for around a year so I was especially looking forward to my trip a couple of days ago. On entering the shop I noticed that it had undergone a bit of a makeover and stock was merchandised into style and colour categories, making everything look more curated. It looked neater than just having all dresses together regardless of style and all skirts etc, but I started to have doubts. See, there seemed to be less clothing in general. After looking around a bit I realised what was missing- the plus sizes. I searched and searched and only found around 4 things in a size 16, never mind a size 24. Do you think this was deliberate or am I being unnecessarily suspicious? Do you think they would have deliberately not displayed the larger size clothes, or stopped getting them in anyhow? It is vintage after all so I suppose you have to just really accept what you can find in whatever sizes. Or have I bought all the plus size vintage clothes in Birmingham already? I was going to ask the shop assistant but I decided to go back in a few weeks to see if things have improved because maybe they’ve just been unable to get stock in larger sizes.
As I left with my tail between my legs I walked past this place on Moat Lane, just opposite the markets……

There isn’t even a door.

Just a warehouse space filled with £1 tops and £3 dresses.  You know I was in there. At first glance it didn’t look like there would be anything of interest but you already know the old adage of judging books. There is a surprisingly decent selection of 80’s womens and menswear in ALL sizes, along with some more recent finds, interspersed with a few too many floral polyester mumus. The blue dress from my last post was from there, brand new, and I also bought another dress but I won’t post a pic of it til I’ve worn it because you’ll just think- OMG, Deena has actually lost her mind. Even I was unsure about it and had to try it on before I bought it. Photo coming soon!

So if you are in Birmingham I would recommend you go and have a look. The owner tells me he has clothes (and furniture) coming in every day so go and have a mooch, it’s now overtaken Cow as my favourite source for plus size vintage.


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