The Adele and Burberry Issue

You’ve probably heard by now that Adele has been asked to be an ambassador for Burberry by creative director Christopher Bailey. Depending on your source, you may have also heard that she was asked to work with him on a plus size collection for the brand. Or was it Adele that did the asking? After all, if someone wants to make you ambassador of a product, it makes sense that it should be a product that’s accessible to you. I don’t know, I’ve read several articles and they all tell a different version of the story with some suggesting that Adele may have been the one to propose the idea of collaborating on a plus size collection. With neither Burberry nor Adele commenting on the issue at the moment, we won’t find out the truth for a while. I hope it was the latter, just so that I can love Adele that little bit more. I like the idea of her standing up to a major brand and say hang on, if you want me to represent you, then you have to represent me, in a similar way as Beth Ditto did with Topshop. Let’s see what happens……





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