Blogger Spotlight

Over the weekend I made a point of spending an afternoon catching up with various blogs as I don’t get to do that as often as I would like. During this time I discovered a new blogger, not someone new to blogging as she’s been doing so since 2010, but certainly new to me and I just had to highlight her on here in case she’s new to some of you too. Her name is Kiah and she has style in abundance. I trawled through every single one of her posts in one sitting and ooo-ed and aaahh-ed my way through her imaginative use of colour and pattern, and her fantastic collection of vintage dresses. Kiah describes herself as a “Jesus freak” and her blog is also laced with inspirational words and biblical quotes which sets her apart from most fashion bloggers. From the Rez to the City is definitely going on my blog roll. Go there now!

From the Rez to the City


7 Comments on “Blogger Spotlight”

  1. I ‘ve been following Kiah for a year or so and think she’s stunning and has amazing style. I’m so glad you included the pic of her wearing the red and navy polkadots outfit. That’s one of my particular faves!

  2. bloomie says:

    Oh I adore Kiah’s style. The Jesus stuff isn’t really my thing, but simultaneously I kinda love that she does it. I think it’s great to see plus size bloggers of all perspectives out there, and I love seeing the outfits that a future preacher’s wife puts together. I just think it’s so damn cool. And god bless that woman’s ability to thrift, I ain’t ever seen anything quite like it.

    • Deena says:

      Hey Bloomie! *waving* It seems like forever since I saw you online anywhere….

      • bloomie says:

        I could say the same about you! I’m lazy and mostly on FB these days and seem to interact with my fave fatshion bloggers there. You there? I’d love to friend you if you are. xx

  3. Kiah says:

    Thank you for the feature Sweetie!

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