Mercy, mercy me

Loving my new dress. This frock scores bonus points all over the place for being comfy, a great length, and needing minimal ironing, but its highest rated features are without a shadow of a doubt, the pockets. Dresses with pockets rock my world and this one is shaking things up for sure. I only have two other dresses with pockets and they’re in steady rotation for work as being a teacher, they’re perfect for always having a pencil sharpener/ rubber/ detention slip to hand. There are not enough dresses with pockets around and am considering adapting some of my favourite work dresses to include pockets, I value them so much.

This dress (minus belt) comes courtesy of KSY Plus which is a relatively new online retailer with a good line in youthful affordable pieces in bright colours and a variety of different fabrics. The mercy dress as worn below is one of my favourites and is  also available in navy. I’m hoping they will repeat it in other colours as it truly is worth having in every colour under the sun.

Mercy dress, $75


7 Comments on “Mercy, mercy me”

  1. Yes!!!!!!! I love it! Thanks for sharing the link!!!

  2. Petra says:

    Great dress! And I love pockets too. Without any pockets its difficult, because of all those little things… like a tissue.
    Sunny greatings and a big compliment to your blog! P

  3. Cara Sergio says:

    Damn that’s a good dress. Looks great on, never goes out of style, can dress it up or down.

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