For adults only

As you get older your shopping habits are supposed to change, apparently. You’re supposed to leave the fast cheapie fashion to the youngsters and embrace classic quality as you develop a new appreciation of fine fabrics and refined style. I think that at 36, this must be what I’m going through as yesterday I surprised myself by buying a silk blouse. Not a silk blend blouse- a 100% silk blouse. This is serious stuff. In my head I’ve always associated silk blouses with the classic 1980’s American workwear wardrobe of women over 35….

…….. Like the kind worn by Katherine in Working Girl. I bet she never wore polyester.

Female. Working. Over 35. OMG that’s me.


As I own an adult blouse I have to change my usual attitude to clothes and act all responsible ‘n’ stuff. I now have to find non- biological washing powder to wash it in, do this washing by hand, hang it up when I take it off instead of throwing it on the end of the bed or over the corner of the wardrobe door,  and be extra careful about which jewellery I wear with it so it doesn’t get snagged. I didn’t even know they still made non- biological washing powder. When everything in your wardrobe is either cotton or polyester, with the odd bit of viscose, you don’t really need to know the chemical composition of Surf. I get my washing powder really cheap from the local high street and all the text on it is in Spanish, so I don’t even know what the fragrance is never mind whether or not its going to dissolve my new ladylike blouse. This is too much effort. I have to pledge to treat this new acquisition with care and it’s already doing my head in. Oh my goodness I may even have to cover it in a garment bag before I put it in the wardrobe to protect it from the zips and buttons of neighbouring clothes. Do I even own a garment bag? This grown up clothing thing is just too considered and I don’t think I’m ready for this level of responsibility. At this rate I may decide to never wear it again and pass it on to my mother. She’s the responsible type- silk blouses, house plants, the cat- all things flourish under her ministrations. They come under my wing their end is nigh. I bet this blouse doesn’t even make it to the end of the year.

Grown up blouse, £55 Monsoon



15 Comments on “For adults only”

  1. Cara says:

    It’s one silk blouse. Yes, it requires special care, but it also never goes out of style, & if it’s a neutral it goes w/lots of the things in your closet. You deserve to have nice things, to look like you spent a fortune.

  2. Francesca says:

    This post really made me smile!

  3. lynne says:

    pillow case works as a garmer bag for washing machine, not that id know. but thats how were all meant to wash our delicate underwear

  4. Cara Sergio says:

    The other thing is just because a silk blouse makes you think Sigourney Weaver in Working Girl doesn’t mean you have to wear it exactly as that character did. Wear it open over a tank top, wear it with the top 3 buttons open to show off your cleavage, rough it up with jeans & a leather jacket.

  5. poupoule says:

    Hi! I’m a french free-rider reader that never leaves a comment… today I decided I had to leave you one! It’s always a pleasure to read about your relationship with clothes, I like the associations you create (with clothes, with colors) and I appreciate very much the way you write ❤

    Thus being said, stay carefully away from Sigourney's style… especially the brooch 🙂

    • Deena says:

      Well hello and thanks for reading and commenting!
      I love 80’s style but I don’t think I’ll find it hard to stay away from Sigourney’s blouse. Her brooch however, is tempting me 🙂

  6. bigstylefashion says:

    I’ve got to say that despite it may needing a bit of extra care, it really does look great on you so maybe you should give it more of a chance! 🙂

  7. Cara Sergio says:

    I agree, it does look great on, and I love that you added a belt for a defined waist

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