Chesca’s blue moon

It’s a rare day that I go into the HoF Chesca concession and take a second look at something, but yesterday I actually made it as far as the fitting room. Twice. What caught my eye? These….


To fully appreciate them you have to see them face to face, esp the top two. The dress feels great on the body and has an excellent drape and handle to it. As an added bonus it looks like it wouldn’t need much ironing either. I’ve named it the Statue of Liberty dress as that’s how I felt I looked with all that draping around me . I almost never wear navy because of its associations with my school uniform but I think I could temporarily let go of those connotations for the sake of this dress.


Chesca prints are usually too floral and mumsy but the top and jacket I saw were different. I don’t think the print is actually of anything but it looked like an out of focus landscape, or an ariel photo of earth. Maybe I’m right, or maybe I just need to get more sleep. It also reminded me of Christopher Kane’s galaxy print collection from a few seasons ago. I don’t know what it is, but I like it. It’s not edgy, it’s not fashion forward, it’s just. Nice. I prefer the vest to the jacket and it would be a great way to add subtle interest to a plain straight single colour dress or skirt- or even to dress up a pair of coloured jeans. Chesca has surprised me this week. If they keep this up it may become a destination for me, not just somewhere I run through while looking for the toilets.

1. Crush pleat vest, £65 Chesca

2. Skinny gold belt, £6 , ASOS

3. Camel Colour Jeans, £29, Simply Be

4. Burgundy Jacket, £24.99 New Look Inspire

5. Shoes, £70 , Office

6. Earrings, $15 , Etsy (4u Jewelry)

7. Clutch, £90  French Connection


One Comment on “Chesca’s blue moon”

  1. I absolutely love these!

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