Chirpy, chirpy, cheep, cheep!

Oh my goodness me, I actually joined Twitter. This week I am experiencing my own personal technological revolution. On Thursday I updated my 2001 sim card so I can actually send and receive picture messages, I started looking for a phone to replace my 2006 Samsung SGH p300, and now here I am embracing Twitter. Will wonders ever cease? I feel like I am now inhabiting the same world as everyone else. If you want to watch me bumble and bump my way through Twitter, and embarass myself on the world’s digital stage, join me (I can’t bring myself to actually say *follow me*. It’s not like I’m the messiah or anything- geez) at @fatgirlclothes. This is going to be an interesting ride…..





2 Comments on “Chirpy, chirpy, cheep, cheep!”

  1. Petra says:


    Welcome to the modern age. 😉 I´m on my way trough this. Twitter will always be a cryptic world for me. I´m a new blogger and since 1 year I´m a FB member. For this year I had enough mulimedia news.
    Best wishes for Twitter, Petra

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