Fat Weddings

In the fitting room at Yours, Merry Hill….

Claudine: Why is it so hard to find fat clothes for weddings? Do people think we don’t get married or don’t go to weddings?

Me: Dunno

Claudine: You should do a blog post about that with pictures of the stuff we’re trying on now. You can even put my face in it and use my real name, I don’t mind.

Me: *raised eyebrows*

Claudine: Yeh, you can ask everyone else if they think the same way and you can get a discussion going about the best places to get fat wedding clothes, it’ll be great!

So here we are me and Claud, exploring our very limited options in search of a dress for her to wear to a wedding in a few weeks time.

I’m not actually going to a wedding- I just like this dress. Apparently I look like a 50’s housewife in it. I like it anyway.

Claudine trying on the all black version to the dress above.


Why is it so hard to find fancy fat girl clothes? Claudine has a point. While still challenging, shopping for casual day to day garb is comparatively easier than looking for special occasion wear in a size 24/ 26. Even if you don’t mind the mother- of- the- bride look, once you exclude the internet the options dwindle drastically. What I would love to see on the high street is the plus size equivalent to shops like Ted Baker, Karen Millen and Coast where the entire floor space is dedicated to occasion wear, not just a few rails at key times of the year such as early summer and christmas. Things have come far but there’s still a ways to go.

Please post links in the comments to any wedding worthy outfits you’ve seen online. Claudine’s found her dress but I’m sure there are lots of people in the same situation as her so c’mon- share!



14 Comments on “Fat Weddings”

  1. Alas, no suggestions beyond the usual suspects, though some of the Evans Collection dresses are quite wedding worthy:-

    Like this one

    …and this one…

    and this one.

    I have the turquoise one and it looks quite convincingly like silk, even close up. I’d also advocate checking out the Mary Portas range in House of Fraser. Obviously, it depends on aesthetic, age, body type and budget but, because many of the cuts are loose and oversized, the 18s and 20s are more than accommodating enough to fit larger sizes. It is admittedly not a younger woman’s aesthetic but it certainly isn’t Mother Of The Bride and some of the prints are quite amazing.

    Chesca are probably the nearest thing plus-sizes have to coast. Some of it is frumpy and it’s hideously overpriced but they’re worth a look if you have a House of Fraser or John Lewis that stocks them, especially at sale time. I thought this was rather fab (though ASOS Curve have done some similar-ish stuff that was way cheaper), and this has potential. (Admittedly it has the potential to be a hot mess, but there’s something about it I kinda like). Lastly, on the subject of House of Fraser, I’ve no idea if they stock the Samya Samya brand instore but they currently have this beauty in a 26 and a 28 on their website going for £15.

    There’s a Yours in Merry Hill now? I’ll be in the area at the beginning of September and shall be checking it out asap!

    • Deena says:

      LOVE the Mary Portas firework dress. That has my name all over it. Hoping they have it at HoF Birmingham so I can try and squeeze myself into the 20. I rarely go on the HoF website and had no idea they have anything at all in sizes 26 and 28. That jade dress from Evans is pretty special too.

  2. Roxana Dolha says:

    I love all the dresses ! I cannoy buy any dress my measure , I’m from Romania , unfortunatelly here doesn’t exist the measue 3X or, 22, sometimes I find in second hand stores ! you are lucky !!!!

  3. Kim says:

    Oh, how I relate to this! I married into a big Italian family from New Jersey and there’s always a fancy wedding to go to at least once a year and having to find a dress is such a ritual. Everything is always black or shapeless… I’ve found a few reasonably priced gems over the years at places like David’s Bridal and Group USA but it’s definitely slim pickings. Style wise, I adore Igigi gowns but I have a hard time dropping $150 on a dress… I’m cheap like that.

  4. snilje says:

    A few weeks ago I attendet a wedding wearing Igigi’s En Vogue Vintage Polka Dot Dress in Crimson (with approval from the bride, since it was red), and got quite a few comments on it 🙂

  5. Meghan says:

    Kiyonna does some beautiful cocktail/formal dresses up to a 5x(30-32). No frump there at ALL and they run under $150.

  6. Cara Sergio says:

    This is very true. They son’t make formal attire for us if girls. I’m 5″1 & 205 lbs, so it’s either too long, too big in the bust, too tight through the hips & buttocks, or all of the above. So, I buy the dress that fits the biggest part of me, & keep a tailor on speed dial to make it fit the rest of me. Yeah, I put more time, effort, & money into formal wear, but I’m not going to the event unless I look good

  7. Pigler says:

    I totally relate to this. Back in February I got to attend my partner’s MBE investiture at Buckingham Palace. I thought shopping for a dress would be fun, but just after Christmas the pickings were even slimmer than usual. I ended up getting an Anna Scholz dress which cost an arm and a leg and still wasn’t exactly what i wanted.

  8. Fran says:

    Have you checked out the Australian company http://www.citychic.com.au/?

  9. Ruth says:

    You have forced me to buy that blue floral shirtdress! I was happily ignoring it on the Yours website, but it looks so great on you that I had to have it!

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