Carmakoma AW2012

As I am sitting here with the central heating and a hoodie on, surely it  can’t already be time to look at autumn winter fashion collections. Surely not. Sigh. I guess it is. If there’s one thing that Britain can guarantee it’s that there will always be enough winter for you to wear ALL your new season purchases. Having said that, not much in this new collection from Carmakoma is particularly winter-ish, but certainly a whole lot of it is want-able. I love bright colours all year round so am particularly happy to see the usual dark colour palette oomphed up with shots of hot pink and red. New collection available in August. What do you think?


3 Comments on “Carmakoma AW2012”

  1. Gaëlle says:

    I really like the pink dresse… kisses from France!

  2. Sonya says:

    I am DYING for the leather (pleather?) skirt, but even in our current winter, it will probably be too hot for me, wah.

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