Faster than a speeding bullet

Why does online time pass quicker than real life time? Real life times is moving at crank speed anyhow, but the online world is moving at full tilt and it’s leaving me in the digital dust. I was just on the XO Jane site and realised that I was reading the newly launched UK site, not the US one. HOLY MOLY, that means I missed the big launch. HOLY MOLY again, that means that I’ve officially been an XO Jane contributor for nearly three weeks and I didn’t even mark the occasion with a celebratory drink. I’d been too busy with work and making prom dresses to even notice. I can’t keep up. Anyhow- if you are interested in reading more of my thinkings and ramblings click here to see what I have to say on the subject of fashion for fat brides. Look at me, I’m spreading obesity! It must be contagious.



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