And so to bed

Hands up all of you who saw the pyjama trend on the catwalk several months ago and thought- oh heeeeeell no, these people are crazy (my hand is raised). Hands up all those who eight months later found themselves buying into the same ridiculous trend that they lambasted earlier (my hand is still up).

Never say never. The omission of revered collar, patch pocket and matching trousers stop this blouse from being overtly gentlemanly pj-ish, but theres no denying the catwalk influence. The shape of the blouse says daytime, the satin print and contrast piping say bed. More of an air kiss towards a trend rather than a full on passionate embrace. Still, this is from Elvi not Topshop and I don’t think Elvi has ever passionately embraced any trend at all. The only thing I don’t like are the shoulder pads in it but at least they can be removed easily. Whoever heard of pyjamas with shoulder pads in? These people are crazy.

Blouse, £45- Elvi

5 Comments on “And so to bed”

  1. ROJAK says:

    shoulder pad in pyjama? that is new to me hahaha

  2. Jenny says:

    Cute outfit and I love your nude shoes 😉


  3. Dulce Maria Chacon says:

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