New Queen Rising

I am always intrigued by the search references and links that bring people to this blog.  Yesterday the stats revealed a huge spike in traffic and its all because of this woman….

Image from

…. wearing a Reiss dress I that I briefly blogged about in 2008, and my post was referenced by a blog called Crazy! While we are on the subject of the Duchess, fashion and me, I am going to take the opportunity to blow my own trumpet (quietly) and say that we almost rubbed shoulders in 2002. You know that fashion show in St Andrews where she first met William and modelled in that skimpy dress that was then auctioned for seventy eight grand? Well I showed my graduate collection at the same show. Unfortunately I don’t ever remember seeing our future King there and I have no idea if Katherine modelled any of my clothes. Even if she did- I no longer have them so I won’t be cashing in on the association any time soon. If I was one of the X- men with the  gift of foresight, I would have made my collection more boudoir chic than winter sport, kept it and flogged it for megabucks ten years later. Missed opportunity or wot! Le Sigh.


2 Comments on “New Queen Rising”

  1. That ‘connection’ is still a very interesting story. How exciting!! Didn’t know you were a designer. I really enjoy your blog.

  2. Shermika says:

    Well perhaps you and the Duchess will actually meet soon. Funny story though!

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