Gaelle from Les Piteries de Vanoue looking radiant in the November issue ofย  Winkler magazine. For more info click here.



12 Comments on “Gorgeousness”

  1. emmme says:

    That whole spread is fantastically gorgeous–but then, so is Gaelle. Thanks for sharing this magazine with us! I’d never heard of it, but now I want to browse all the issues!

  2. My afro never looked that lush. Beauty!

  3. thirtiesgirl says:

    Gorgeous pic!

  4. Thank you again Diane for sharing the cover!
    Thanks to your followers for taking a look and see you soon in London!

  5. Gorgeous is right, she looks fantastic!

  6. Those earrings are incredible, such great colors!

  7. She is really really gorgeous in her red dress and colorful necklace. It is true “Black is Beautiful”.

  8. Wow she looks amazing in RED! H-O-T…………. where did you get those awesome earrings?

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