From Guardian Weekend, 1 October 2011


6 Comments on “Integrity”

  1. Shannon says:

    I love Gabby, she’s such an awesome fatty role model.

    But. The photo would be a heck of a lot more awesome if she wasn’t obviously wearing a slimmer under her dress, especially with the photographer making the comment “Gabby is the size she is – why would you hide that?”

  2. Good, a positive post to follow this one from my feed earlier – thank you! 🙂

  3. I like the way she is – very natural and not afraid of what people would tell unto her! Still proud and confident of what she is!

  4. Jessica Kane says:

    YES! Same here, I’m also a big girl, size 26/28 and I refuse to let anyone photoshop me down, no way, lumps and bumps and all this is me – and it’s perfect.

    Real IS Perfect!!!


  5. You can be honest and still take a flattering shot. I dunno what kind of bra they had her in, but for a profile shot it should’ve been a whole lot better. The lighting is so dark, too! You can’t even tell if the dress is cute on her. On the whole, the best thing about this picture is the wallpaper.

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