A Different Kind of Animal

It’s very hard for me to disassociate animal prints from the Bet Lynch character in Coronation Street even though I don’t even watch it and its been years since she was in it anyway. Every now and again though, I call a truce and show the print a little affection. On this occasion the love is being spread in the form of this dress, courtesy of  Lovedrobe. In fact, its more than just affection, I think we’re having a full blown relationship as I’ve only had this dress for 10 days and I’ve already worn it three times. It’s easy to forget it’s animal printed as the print is large, abstract and multicoloured. And tasteful. Just what I need to cut all ties to a fictional character of questionable style.

Dress: Lovedrobe at Evans, £38

Belt- Asos

Shoes- Evans

Vest- M&S


4 Comments on “A Different Kind of Animal”

  1. Monique says:

    I have this dress and I can’t wait to wear it. Looks great!!

  2. Lol.I think I have a Bet Lynch streak a mile wide because, no matter how much I try to resist and/or purge, animal print always creeps back into my wardrobe. One of my friends gave me a glorious Evans faux leopard jacket back in the spring. I’m positively gagging to give it an airing!

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