Can I get an Amen?

Just saw this vid on the Pocket Rocket blog and had to re-post. Going by the comments under Lauren’s post, opinion is split about 50/50 with those who love the clothes and those who don’t. I personally don’t. But I do love the attitude of the show. It’s a catwalk show during fashion week season that thrusts a huge middle finger up at the industry and says f*ck flattering, this is what I want to wear. It’s fun and its a stark contrast to the work of most designers that do plus ranges and thats a bonus. Not every fat person loves Monif C’s jersey dresses, Anna Scholz’s bold prints or Elena Miro’s tailored looks. Thats not to negate the work of those designers, I’m just illustrating that what the industry needs is some diversity. You can wear a different type of look every day if you wear a size 10- why not have this option in a size 22?

I hope Gisela Ramirez goes far. The show reminds me a lot of Henry Holland’s first catwalk appearance in 2006 where he sent a load of t-shirts down the runway, emblazened with slogans in homage to supermodels. Look where he is now. Since then he’s become a more serious designer who has maintained his irreverant sense of humour,  gained a solid following and has also shown he can go the commercial high street route by designing a range for Debenhams. The boy done good.

Gisela Ramirez’s online store is here.

PS- Its good to see Kellie-Jean Drinkwater back on the catwalk. I was wondering where she had gotten to, she has been missed.


10 Comments on “Can I get an Amen?”

  1. I find it funny you mentioned Henry Holland since he talks about how gross fat people are on his twitter… bit gutted. Oh well. I tried on one of his H dresses and popped a button off. Take THAT, mister! Anarchyyyyy.

    Also, I TOTALLY agree that it’s about getting the choice of clothing that straight sizes have. Look at the sheer variety amongst designers and the high street, you can dress as modestly or as fantastically as you want. To have this kind of variety among plus sizes too is great.

  2. lynne says:

    it just goes to show how important confidence is, all these girls looked great, because they had confidence.
    the clothing s not my cup of tea, but i agree i want the same choice/options as everyone else.
    clothes made to fit my size in the style i want, not old ladyish or the same floaty tops

  3. thirtiesgirl says:

    Amen, and testify!

  4. erika says:

    I want to feel good in what i have and feel young and you cant do that in some old people looking stuff If I want to put on a pair of leggings and a tee then so be it but some stuff for the bigger people would be great.

  5. I totally see this as rocking beachwear! Not too much elsewhere, though.

  6. Amethyst... says:

    great video!!!! I love it!

  7. YESSSSSSSSSS and AMEN! The clothes are a bit out there, but so are a lot of the clothes on the skinny runways. By stretching the boundaries Gisela Ramirez is helping people see that Plus Size Fashion isn’t solely about making women “look skinny” its about the art and confidence expressed by the clothes. Like you mentioned, Elena Miro’s clothing is beautiful, but what if its not your personality? What if you’ve got more swag to your style?! Its important to have options like this, as well. Thumbs up from FullFigureAdvocate!!

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