Watch the Birdie

A big fat THANK YOU to reader Coco for bringing these tights to my attention- I just had to share my instant legwear love with you all. They’re by Modcloth and available in one size to fit 160- 260lbs- which I must say is a huge size range for one pair of tights to cover. I love all shades especially the blue ones although the blue and black colours are currently out of stock.  They remind me of the super glam tights by Scottish label, Bebaroque. Regarding Bebaroque tights, I am completely mystified how they can say that one size fits all from a size 6 to an 18 (click on one of their styles to see size info). Has anyone tried them? Can you vouch for this claim? Have you tried the Modcloth tights? Please share your thoughts……


9 Comments on “Watch the Birdie”

  1. Silje says:

    Well, this is one of the very few occasions I’m sad I’m over 6 feet tall. These are fantastic!

  2. Mandy says:

    OMG those are so kewl! I’m gettin some!

  3. coco says:

    The designing company has a ton of rad styles, too! Thanks for the tip on bebaroque – I’m stoked on it! I’m getting the brown peacock tights later this week and I’m also trying one of the dresses, do I’ll fill you in on how they fit. I’m 5’2″ & 260lbs, please forgive my American ignorance I believe it’s 1.5 meters and 19 stone.

  4. Love, love, love!
    MUST BUY!!

  5. Subintelligitur says:

    I saw these at a store in Portland, and the woman who worked there said they fit her perfectly, she was about 5’6″ and maybe 150lbs? Just a guess. I have serious misgivings that they would fit anyone over about 200lbs (and being just over that, I decided not to purchase, though I regret it now). But I would love to hear if they do, because I will order them.

  6. suemay says:

    I’m 5/7 and 180 pounds and i had a hard time fitting them. they are super tight and it hurts

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