Guilty Pleasure

I risk losing my entire readership and my credibility to boot, but I’m going to say it anyhow and will endure the consequences. I like these outfits. I wouldn’t wear them myself but I like them and can see the appeal. First time I saw the pink one I immediately thought of the Pink Ladies from Grease…

…in their black trimmed pink satin jackets- but of course it’s nowhere near as cool. Try as I might I couldn’t think of a way of incorporating the jacket into a different outfit that would diminish some of the pink frou-frou-ness. With a jacket like that I guess  you have to just relent and let it take the candyflossed spotlight. The cream ensemble is less sickly and its a shame the skirt isn’t pencil shaped. With the right accessories it might be quite a nice outfit to get married in.  What do you think, am I way off on this one or can you see where I’m coming from?

Both suits, £119, Elvi


8 Comments on “Guilty Pleasure”

  1. I don’t think the pink one is so bad. Some neat accessories and shoes and maybe shorten the skirt a bit past the knee would take some of the Easter Sunday out of it.

  2. sharmie says:

    i love that your screencap was grease 2 (which i adore, btw)

  3. Sonya says:

    Maybe it’s my inner grandmother, but I pretty much love both!

  4. I prefer the gold one but would just want the jacket – & I am a grandma!!

  5. They’re a little bit “mother of the bride” for my taste, but anything can be rocked by someone who digs it!

  6. A little formal dress, I love the cream one, I am sure it would look good on you.

    PS: Love your other post, come back soon 🙂

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