Operation Spotwatch

I’m not wishing the summer away as I love the long days and flapping about in flip-flops and bare legs, but I am certainly looking forward to the autumn winter season for one reason- two words- Stella McCartney.

I came close to backflipping out of my seat when I saw these pics earlier this year….

….as polkadots are my weakness- a reverse kryptonite if you like. It doesn’t matter how awful the colour combination, if its polkadotted I’ll take two. Polkadot prints make my heart flutter but polkadot lace? Thats another palpitational league entirely. I just KNOW there are going to be 101 high street rip offs of this look so from now on I’m officially on Operation Spotwatch, where I’ll be hunting over hill and vale to find something to wear  in this vein. I’ve found one thing so far from Modcloth up to a size 2x…

…. though I’m not so enchanted by the ruffly bit. Still its a start.


3 Comments on “Operation Spotwatch”

  1. A says:

    I am also in love with these dresses. I love the idea of transforming existing outfits with a few surreptitious polka dots and am looking forward to doing more of it in when its a bit colder.

  2. Lauren says:

    I too am super excited for this trend.However i reckon we don’t have to hold our breath for too long as i saw on Pocket Rocket’s blog a while ago that some of the preview pieces from Evan’s/ Style369 A/W 2011 collection contain both plain ol’ polkadots and polkadot lace!! Check it out…http://www.pocketrocketfashion.com/?p=993
    P.S I have been meaning to comment on your blog for ages…i love you style and your writing in general. You were the first ‘fatshion’ blog i started reading over a year ago and now i’m hooked, thank you!

    • Deena says:

      I just clicked the link and saw it. Ohmeohmeohmy. The minute that baby hits the shops I’M ON IT. Thanks for the heads up! And thanks for the love!

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